The Silsila-i-Aalia Owaisia, Qadria, Qalandria (Pakistan) was founded by the Chief Qalander – the Most Perfect Wali Allah Hadrat Peer Sufi Mirza Bashir Ahmad Owaisi Qadri Qalandri Sarkar (Noor Allah Marqadah) on very sweet and lovely instructions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasalam). The Silsila is actively engaged in spreading Deen-e-Haq (True Islam) introduced and promoted by Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) and His Holy Family known as Ahle Bait Athaar (Alaihe Salam). The faizaan of the Silsila is greater than that of any other silsila-i-tariqat.

In His time, Holy Prophet (SAW) directly blessed people with True Islam and after his disappearance from this world, the duty for continuing the promotion of True Islam was assigned to Mola of the Universe Hadrat Ali Al-Murtaza Karam Allah Wajhahul Kareem on the order of Almighty Allah (SWT). The relationship of Mola Ali (AS) with Holy Prophet (SAW) is closer than any other mere disciple of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Mola Ali (AS) was declared to be his brother two times by Holy Prophet (SAW). Mola Ali (AS) is cousin to the Holy Prophet (SAW) and husband of the Holy Daughter of Holy Prophet (SAW) Hadrat Sayyeda Fatima-tu-Zahra (Salam Allah Ho Alaiha).

Mola Ali (AS) delivered true teachings and taught hidden secrets of True Islam to his disciples who better performed the duty of spreading the said teachings amongst their disciplines in the following years, purifying the soul of people and presented them before the Holy Prophet (SAW) in His Noori Mansion through deep meditation.

Likewise, the Chief Qalander Sarkar (Noor Allah Marqadah) performed similar duty of spreading True Islam in his time and presented his disciples in the holy Noori Mansion of the Holy Prophet (SAW) through deep meditation, fulfilling their heart and minds with Light (Noor) of Almighty Allah (SWT).

Although speaking about merely a Kamil (Complete) Wali Allah is difficult for a common Muslim, yet it is far difficult to define and speak about the dignity and highness of the Akmal (Most Perfect) Wali Allah i.e. the Chief Qalander Sarkar (Noor Allah Marqadah). There is no example of the Chief Qalander Sarkar (Noor Allah Marqadah) in this World nor shall any other Wali Allah come as the Chief Qalander till the appearance of Hadrat Imam Mehdi (AS). Here it is only mentioned for those who love and believe that the Chief Qalander Sarkar (Noor Allah Marqadah) is the Most Perfect (Akmal) Wali Allah who lived two lives simultaneously: one evidently and the other spiritually in total meditation and continuously seeing Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) in the state of Noor (Light of Allah (SWT) together with the disciples and past Prophets (AS) of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

Division of today’s Muslims into different sects is clear disobedience of Almighty Allah (SWT) according to the Holy Quran and who are following any sect are committing sins taking departure from the Holy Quran which contains order to read it, understand it and act up its teachings revealed by Almighty Allah (SWT). Every single word of Holy Quran came from the Holy Tongue of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The Holy Prophet (SAW) never spoke with his own wish and intention – what spoke was from Almighty Allah as per Holy Quran.

Almighty Allah (SWT) created Mankind and granted it the will which can be used either for Acceptance or Rejection. It is common phenomenon that both acceptance and rejection cannot exist in one heart at a time. Believer is a believer and rejecter is rejecter. He who believes one thing and rejects the other is basically following something totally different from the Divine Law.

Almighty Allah (SWT) does not bring betterment for those who do not try for the same themselves (Holy Quran).  The peace and prosperity of nations are hidden in pure and strict accaptance of Islam and true love with Holy Prophet (SAW) and His Ahle Bait Athaar (AS). He who takes departure from them even if he does more and more ibadat, cannnot get Jannat. Following teachings is Islam and loving Panjtanpaak (AS) is Emaan. Without Emaan is no Islam.



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