Who are Awlia Allah? Dignity of Walayat and Wali Allah

The word “Awliya” is plural of word “Wali” which is singular. The word “Wali” has been derived from the word “Walayat” which means recognition of Almighty Allah. Wali means Friend/Helper of Almighty Allah. Every Messenger of Allah from Hazrat Adam (AS) to Hazrat Esa (AS) was Wali Allah because they had the recognition of Almighty Allah. The Last Holy Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) is the Chief of all Prophets and Messengers of Allah whom Allah sent from time to time to the earth for the guidance of the mankind.

Almighty Allah held two meetings: First meeting was held in Aalam-e-Arwah in which Souls of the whole mankind including our souls from Hazrat Adam (AS) to the last human who has yet to come in this world were present. In the said meeting, Almighty Allah took promise from all Souls of his being One and Only and Creator of the entire universe. Thereafter, Almighty Allah stated, if any of you ask for world (worldly status), Jannah from me I will give and if any of you ask for Myself (My recognition) I will give too. Then Almighty Allah showed fashionable world, Jannah to all Souls in Aalam-e-Arwah and also Dozakh to create fright of sins in them. After that, Almighty Allah tested all the souls by asking their wishes whether for World, Jannah or Myself. The first majority liked world and made wish for that. Allah ordered His Angels to write the same in their fate. The second majority of souls again made wish for world but together with Jannah adding that they are frightened of Dozakh. The same was written in their fate. The third little majority just stated, “O Allah! Your world is nothing more than a place of sins, we make wish for Jannah”. The same was granted to them. At the end, the remaining souls were in minority to whom Allah addressed directly and asked their wish. They stated humbly and respectfully, “O Allah! We need not your world nor your Jannah and nor are we frightened of your Dozakh, we make wish for Yourself. On the day of resurrection, if You order us to enter Dozakh, we will enter obeying Your order. We need Yourself, Your obedience, Your Love, Your nearness”. Almighty Allah’s anger changed into pleasure and Allah stated, “O My Souls! Although you have not made wish for anything, but you have made wish for everything. You are special to Me. I bless you with My Recognition and power to spread the same to the mankind so as to correct their mistake that they have done in Aalam-e-Arwah. The souls who made wish for Almighty Allah were of Messengers, Prophets and Aulia Allah. Sureh Fateha indicates “People on who Allah bestowed His Glory”. There is also mention in this Surah of those on whom Allah was angry and those who went astray. Recognition of Allah is called Walayat. When first human Hazrat Adam (AS) came on this earth, he gave birth to his children and invited to the Recognition of Allah and Seeraat-e-Mustaqeem. The subsequent, Messengers/Prophets did the same duty. Though every Muslim requests for Seeraat-e-Mustaqeem in the state of prayer which is the path of those on whom Allah bestowed His Glory, but does not try to make sure as to whether he has really found their path or not.

After sending His Last Holy and Beloved Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) and putting seal on the Prophethood, Almighty Allah ordered His Holy Prophet (SAW) to announce spread of Seeraat-e-Mustaqeem through Walayat. There is holy saying of the Holy Prophet (SAW), “Walayt is the deputation of Nabuwah”. The great Religion Islam was given total perfection by Almighty Allah and the Holy Prophet (SAW) deputed his cousin Hazrat Ali-al Murtaza (AS) as the Commander/Leader  of Mutaqeen and he is the Chief of Aulia Allah being first Wali Allah. There is saying of the Holy Prophet (SAW), “Ali is to me as Haroon is to Mosa but no one will be called Nabi after me”. The Holy Prophet (SAW) granted His Holy Turban of Prophethood to Hazrat Ali (AS), he to his son Hazrat Hasan (AS), he to his brother Hazrat Hussain (AS), he to his son Hazrat Zain-al Abideen (AS) in the field of Karbala, he to his son Hazrat Muhammad Baqar (AS), he to his son Hazrat Jaffer Sadiq (AS), he to his son Hazrat Mosa Kazim (AS), he to his son Hazrat Ali Raza (AS), he to his son Hazrat Muhammad Taqi (AS), he to his son Hazrat Naqi (AS), he is to son Hazrat Hassan Askari (AS) and finally he to his son Hazrat Muhammad Mehdi (AS) to whom Almighty Allah concealed for appearance at specific time. This fact is known by all Muslims of any fiqah that Hazrat Imam Mehdi (AS) will re-appeare.

The second meeting of all those who made wish for Almighty Allah was held at the seventh sky in which Allah took allegiance from those souls who made wish for Almighty Allah and nothing else, in favour of his beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasalam).

The right and power to make Wali Allah are with Hazrat Ali (AS), as per saying of Holy Prophet (SAW). Who establishes true and sound belief in the Oneness of Almighty Allah, all Holy Books (previous and present) and does not doubt, day of recurrection, Allah’s Angels, all past Prophets/Messengers, does ibadat as Holy Prophet (SAW) demonstrated, keeps true love with Holy Prophet (SAW) and His Ahle Bait Athaar (AS), possesses high moral character as Holy Prophet (SAW) demonstrated in his life time, can become Wali Allah by giving Oath of Allegiance on the hand of a Wali Allah. Since new children are taking birth every moment, there is need to help them enter Islam completely, as per Holy Quran, and for this purose, Oath of Allegiance on the hand of a Wali Allah is compulsory, just like Sahaba Kiram (RA) gave Oath of Allegiance on the holy hands of Holy Prophet (SAW). The practice of taking Oath of Allegiance is Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW) which is continued by Aulia Allah so far. After giving Oath of Allegiance by reading Qalma Tayyaba, Almighty Allah forgives all previous sins committed knowingly or unknowingly. It may be mentioned that sins committed directly effect the soul and look like black spots. When the sins are forgiven, Allah’s Nur i.e. Nur-e-Emaan comes as sign of his being a true Muslim. If the disciple of concerned Wali Allah strictly follows his Shaikh (Spiritual Guide) and his teachings, Holy Prophet (SAW) comes in his dream. There is holy saying of Holy Prophet (SAW), “He who saw Myself, saw Almighty Allah”. Now one can think easily who saw Almighty Allah never die but transfer from one place to another. There holy saying of Allah i.e. Hadith-e-Qudsi, “My Aulia do not die but transfer from one place to another”. There are shrines of Aulia Allah in India as well as Pakistan and Muslims visit them for the sake of their worldly and religious betterment and pray to Almighty Allah making Aulia Allah as source (waseela) and they do receive Allah’s blessings. May Almighty Allah help readers of this post understand and act accordingly to find nearness of Almighty Allah. Ameen

The mysteries and spiritual knowledge stated above are the blessings of Almighty Allah and His Holy Prophet (SAW) through the Chief Qalander Sarkar Noor Allah Marqadah.

Any question may be sent to  chiefqalander@gmail.com. Nothing stated above creates the concept of shiaism.

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